An In-depth Review Of The Hotel Soffia Boracay

Hotel Soffia boracay is a new hotel located in the Philippines. It attracts a lot of visitors worldwide because of its many relaxing sites and quality accommodation.

Amazing features of the hotel
• The hotel has an outdoor pool for the adults and a children’s pool for the little ones to enjoy themselves in. The pools are always occupied because they give the guests relaxation and children are always able to enjoy themselves.

• They offer laundry services to the guests around the clock. Each time you may want you laundry taken care of it will be done as soon as possible no matter the time.

• The hotel has such a magnificent view from the beaches and the courtyards that are there. The views keep you relaxed and you will be surprised at how beautiful it looks.

Services offered
• The guests receive complimentary transportation to where they want to go. They can take the beach shuttle and an area shuttle to help them move around. The transportation really comes in handy, especially if you are new in the area or if you are a foreigner. You are taken for rides around and you can be able to check out the different sites around the hotel area and all that free of charge.

• The guests are also guaranteed complimentary parking, meaning they park their cars free of charge and do not have to worry about security of their cars because it is provided.

• The guests are also offered 24 hour room service and so they are attended to even at odd hours. This guarantees the guests absolute satisfaction.

• Housekeeping for their rooms is offered daily so as to make sure the guests stay in a clean and fresh room at all times. The house keepers come during certain times and they make sure they give your room a brilliant and fresh look.

• There is also free internet access for the guests. This helps the guests access the internet at all times and the wireless fidelity is of extremely high speed so it is very reliable.

• They also have 21 inch LCD televisions for every room with cable channels. This provides free cable for every guest and they do not have to leave their rooms to go look for cable televisions and watch things like sports.

The different services offered by the hotel make it a really worthwhile place to visit. The food offered there is of good quality and they make sure they provide all the local and international cuisines on offer. Hotel Soffia boracay is an absolutely wonderful destination to visit. Make sure you visit the hotel and experience all the amenities and services provided and you will really appreciate on how clean and efficient everything is.

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